Pitts Challenger – 73″ – 1.85m (50-70cc)

Pilot-RC’s first ever biplane! And it could be no other than the classically beautiful Pitts Challenger.

Fear not about long setup times of traditional biplanes, Pilot-RC’s innovative and patented systems allow you to have the model completely put together in under 5 minutes, to then unleash the acrobatic monster that is our Pitts.


Model:Pitts Challenger
Wingspan:73″ (1,856mm)
Length:71″ (1,796mm)
Wing area:1,717 “² (1,108 cm²)
Weight:20.7lbs (9.4kg)


How long to assemble & disassemble?

Does it fit in my car?



  • SPECIAL NEW! Pilot-RC new and patented quick release system for fast wing mounting at the field.
  • Special Pilot-RC no screw canopy. Quick release with new security latch design.
  • Strong but light, precise and highly acrobatic
  • Genuine German Oracover (Ultracote) covering 
  • Highly prefabricated, experienced builders can have air ready in under a day
  • Pre-installed hinges (glued and pinned)
  • Internally mounted cowling – so no external screws exposed
  • Removable wings , wing stut and stabs. 
  • Laser engraved motor mounting position

Included hardware:

  • Complete air frame with all basic accessories (such as carbon fiber main undercarriage, tail-gear assembly and wing-tubes as well as fibreglass control horns and wheel pants)
  • Pre-installed hinges and pre-mounted canopy
  • Fuel tank and fuel tubing pre-prepared, fuel dot and breather valve
  • Wheels, axels and wheel pants
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Matching carbon spinner, 4″

Required hardware

Motor: 50-70cc (easily fits DLE60, DA70 and GP76 engines inside the cowl)

Servos: x7 high torque plus throttle // Uses x1 per aileron (total x4), x1 per elevator and x1 on rudder

Required extension wire lengths:

  • x2 for bottom wing aileron servo: 12cm
  • x2 for top wing aileron servo: 55cm (installed in bottom wing) + 46cm (installed in wing struts) 
  • x2 for the receiver to the the wing root, inside fuselage: 32cm
  • x2 for elevator servo: 50cm 
  • x1 for throttle servo: 35cm

Also requires all the usual accessories such as transmitter, receiver, batteries, powerbox and possibly other small accessories…

Recommended accessories

Pilot-RC wing bags. Optional extra, not included in the kit.

Pilot-Rc reccomended hardware

Servos:Pilot-Rc PW28AH (28Kg – 0,056s at 8,4v)
Servo arms: Pilot-Rc 1,6″ Aluminium arms (included with Pilot-Rc servos)


Scheme 01

References: Oracover 21-010, 21-023, 21-033, 21-091, 21-071 / Ultracote HANU870, HANU866, HANU872, HANU881, HANU874.

Scheme 02

References: Oracover 21-010, 21-023, 21-033, 21-091, 21-071 / Ultracote HANU870, HANU866, HANU872, HANU881, HANU874.

Scheme 03

References: Oracover 21-033, 21-091, 21-071 / Ultracote HANU872, HANU881, HANU874.

Scheme 04

References: Oracover 21-010, 21-023, 21-052 / Ultracote HANU870, HANU866, HANU885

Build information


A: 252mm – B: 307mm – C: 326mm – D: 299mm


A: 290mm – B: 115mm – C: 328 – D: 107mm – E: 153mm

Extension wire lengths:


Upper wing:
No extension required

Wing strut:
(x2) 46cm

Lower wing:
(x2) For wing servo: 12cm
(x2) To wing strut: 55cm

Inside fuselage for wings:
(x4) 32cm

(x2) 50cm


Measured back from leading edge of the top wing at the fuselage.

You will find a laser engraved C.G. emblem on the inside of the fuselage, located close to the wing tube, which also shows the exact location for Center of Gravity.