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NEWS Update 2023

Hello all, we are excited to announce several updates here at Pilot RC in 2023! First, we would like to thank our U.S. distributor Chiefaircraft for many years of dedicated service to our brand. You have played an integral role in building the Pilot community that now spans the continent. Thank you for your commitment to our growth and having faith in the journey. Your company played an integral role in the Pilot RC story.

Beginning in March of 2023, our new U.S. distributor is Tailslide Aviation. Tailslide Aviation is owned and operated by fellow hobbyists who share a passion for Radio Control flying coupled with a desire to expand our community into the future. They will be your full service RC shop for all things Pilot RC! This of course means they will have information on any upcoming releases and parts for your models.

The staff at Tailslide Aviation are happy to answer any of your product inquiries. Just ask them about our new sport jet, the Matrix, set to hit the U.S. market in the summer of 2023 or the new color schemes on our Lasers and our newest line of Enjet turbine engines.

Please grant us your patience while we update our systems and transition to reflect all of the new changes afoot. Any Pilot RC unfulfilled orders, pre-orders or sales inquiries should be directed to Harry at 301.502.4858 or info@j10technologies.com. In the meantime, wait for some days to visit the Tailslide Aviation pages for updates, event information and new product announcements.

Please check back here and on our socials for more updates. See you at the field!