F86D 2.2m (85″)

Proud to present Pilot-RC’s first true scale plane. We wanted a model that was iconic, flies amazingly well, and had not been overly done already. […] Read More

J10-B 2.84m (112″)

When you want the king of 3D jet’s, you want our J10. But what if you want a scale jet? Then you still want our […] Read More

Viper Jet 1.8m (73″)

Viperjets are synonymous for a great flying jet, and this one really fulfils with expectations. Fast, slow, scale, acrobatic, fun, easy, it simply ticks all […] Read More

Dolphin Jet 1.85m (71″)

Designed as a perfect first jet trainer or just your everyday worry free easy to handle acrobatic jet.  Easily repairable wooden design with a simple […] Read More