P47D 1/5 – 95″ (2.41m)

Presenting Pilot-RC’s first composite scale warbird! It could be no other than the fantastic P47, specifically, the P47D variant.

With its instantly recognisable lines and large wing for friendly handling it is ideal both as crown jewel and everyday hack.

Designed around popular engine sizes, we have tested our P47D both with the straight forward single cylinder DA85, and also with the more scale like three cylinder Saito 90R3 with outstanding results.

Needing a very short takeoff roll, and no wing waggle, this model will inspire confidence from day one.


Model:P47D 1/5
Wingspan:94.9″ (2,411mm)
Length:75.6″ (1,920mm)
Wing area:1,685″2 (10,870cm2)
Weight:40.7lbs (18.5kg) with Saito 90R3 engine, electric starter and all accessories
*Video shown flying with Saito 90R3 radial four stroke engine



  • Full scale detail with rivets, panel lines, simulated hatches, etc…
  • Full composite construction, lightweight and strong 
  • Two piece wing and two piece stabilizer, all for easy transport
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • Fully hidden linkages except rudder horn. No other horns, servo arms, ball links or pushrods are exposed
  • Pre-installed gear door. 
  • Pre-installed hinges
  • Battery support included, allows for the mounting of batteries to the inside of the firewall to easily help achieve the correct center of gravity. 
  • Patented quick assembly system for wings. 
  • The cowl can fit Satio 90R3 (or other similar 250mm diameter radial engines)  
  • 50-85cc single cylinder two stroke engine is also easy to install  
  • Removable engine box can fit different engine. 
  • Ample room to easily install canisters if desired. 
  • Elevator and rudder servos mounted mid-fuselage to avoid the need for nose weight
  • A single rudder servo controls both rudder and tail wheel, both by pull pull system
  • Tail gear door operates (open/close) without need of a dedicated servo 
  • Single servo controls both elevator half.
  • Option for smoke tank

Included hardware:

  • Complete air frame (including aluminium wing-tubes and fibreglass control horns)
  • Servo extension leads
  • Fuel tank (700ml) and fuel tubing pre-prepared, fuel dot and breather valve
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Pre-glued and painted control horns
  • Two simulated bombs and their brackets. Can be dropped individually.  The brackets can be attached or removed two bolts each.
    Please note that if intending to release the bombs in flight, these will first need to have extra ballast added to them.
  • Simulated drop tank, easily installed using a single bolt.
  • Scale antenna included
  • Center of Gravity measurement system included. 

Optional extras:

  • Pilot-RC Electric Landing Gear
  • Scale cockpit (without pilot figure)
  • Additional scale aluminium spinner for different engine
  • Wingbags
  • Navigation light system (Controller and LED’s)
  • Electric starter set for Saito 90R3. Includes starting controller, kill switch, scale aluminium spinner, brushless motor and all gearings. (Can also be adapted to other engines, contact us for more information)
  • Two stroke gas engine adapter kit. Includes engine box (standoff), wood plate for mounting any necessary ballast, scale aluminium spinner and pre-cut cowl baffle for optimum engine cooling
  • Custom built canister with scale exhaust, for DA85, GP88 and DLE85. Includes canister, header and mounting accessories


Includes Pilot-RC 1/5 P47D kit and Pilot-RC landing gear, with pre installed gear doors, cockpit, drop tank, bomb brackets and bombs.
Requires servos and engine of choice. Appropriate scale spinner can be added.


Includes all the same components and pre-installation as the Landing Gear Combo above, plus adds x11 Pilot-RC servos and multi-wire connectors (for aileron, flap, retract, nav lights, and bomb drop) all pre-installed. Includes wing bags.
Requires engine of choice and throttle servo. Appropriate scale spinner can be added.

required hardware:

Two stroke motor: 50-88cc or
Four stroke motor: 80cc or similar size radial engine

Servos: x9 (+2 optional)

x2 Super high torque (minimum 40kg). Uses x1 per flap.

x4 High torque (minimum 27kg). Uses x1 per aileron, x1 for elevator, x1 for rudder

x3 Mid size servo (35x15x30mm). Uses x2 for the gear doors and x1 for throttle

+2 Optional mid size servo (35x15x30mm) for the bomb drop.

Servos: Pilot-Rc PW48AH (48Kg – 0,1s at 8,4v)
Servos: Pilot-Rc PW28AH (28Kg – 0,056s at 8,4v)
Servos: Pilot-Rc PW16AH (16Kg – 0,057s at 8,4v)
Servos: Pilot-Rc PY10AH (13Kg – 0,19s at 7,4v)

Servo arms: Pilot-Rc 0.8-1.2″ Aluminium arms (included with Pilot-Rc servos)

Wingbags: Pilot-RC P47 Wingbags

Colour schemes available:


Colour scheme 01:

Yellow & silver Jeanie scheme 

Colour scheme 02: 

Blue, orange & silver Tarheel Hal scheme

Colour scheme 03: 

Colour scheme 04: 


Build manual:

Basic setup:

Control throws:

Ailerons: 9mm up / 13mm down (measured at the wingtip)

Elevator: 30mm up / 30mm down (measured from the back edge of the elevator)

Rudder: Maximum deflection left and right

Take-off flap: 28mm (measured from the wing root side of the flap)

Landing flap: 67mm (measured from the wing root side of the flap)

Center of Gravity:

140mm back from the leading edge on the root of the wing

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