Warning – Fraudulent emails

It has been brought to our attention that within our wonderful hobby, some people have been scammed when trying to order models from local dealers or custom designs direct from factory.

To assure the safety of all purchases, we kindly request that the following procedure is followed:

Client purchases:

1- Always purchase directly from your local Pilot-RC dealer. You can find a list of all current dealers on our website at: https://pilot-rc.com/pilot-rc-dealers/

2- Verify with your local dealer any payment details over the phone, make sure that their details coincide with those that you may have received by email before making any payment.

Dealer purchases from the Pilot-RC Factory:

The Pilot-RC Factory will for the time being ONLY request payments via PayPal, to our company account: pilot-rc@139.com

We will not be requesting ANY payments by transfer, and as long as this website post remains, this will remain unchanged, and as such no matter what is stated in emails, no alternative payment method should be made, other than to the above PayPal.

Email addresses:

Always double check that email replies are from @pilot-rc.com addresses, and not from third parties. Any emails from @dr.com are known to be a scam account, report it immediately if received!

Thank you,

Team Pilot-RC