Trainer – 90″ (2.29m)

The ideal way to get into model flying.  An easy to fly, easy to build and even easy to repair high wing box construction trainer.

Ignore noisy dirty and expensive to run glow engines and start with a 20-30cc gas engine, this allows both a more stable and bettery flying plane, as well as providing you with valid equipment for when you are ready to move up to any other style of flying!


Wingspan:90″ (2,290mm)
Length:58.2″ (1,480mm)
Wing area:1,237 “² (7,980 cm²)
Weight:10.8lbs (4.9kg)



  • Self-correcting high-wing, thick semi symmetrical airfoil design makes for a very stable design, idea for beginners
  • Special design landing gear mounting. Very durable even with bad landings.
  • Optional flaps. Can be modified to include flaps in just minutes (pre-prepared aileron splitting)
  • Tricycle landing gear, simple, reliable and robust!
  • Design allows for towing gliders. Just take a few minutes to install optional towing release system (not included)
  • Genuine German Oracover (Ultracote) covering
  • Highly prefabricated, experienced builders can have air ready in under a day
  • Two piece plug-in wing for easy transport
  • Laser engraved motor mounting position, ready for either gas or electric setup
  • Crash kit: FREE laser cut repair wood for plywood parts on any Pilot-RC plane, just pay shipping

Included hardware:

  • Complete air frame with all basic accessories (such as carbon fibre main undercarriage and wing-tubes, fibreglass control horns and hinges)
  • Fuel tank and fuel tubing pre-prepared, fuel dot and breather valve
  • Wheels and axels
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Plastic spinner
  • Servo extension wires for aileron, rudder and elevator included

Required hardware:

Motor: 20-35cc or equivalent electric

Servos: 4 plus throttle // Uses x2 per aileron, x1 per elevator and x1 on rudder (optional +2 for flaps if used)

Also requires all the usual accessories such as transmitter, receiver, propeller, batteries, powerbox, and possibly other small accessories.

Pilot-Rc recommended hardware:

Colour schemes available:

Colour scheme T-01: 

References: Oracover 21-033, 21-022, 21-071 / Ultracote HANU872, HANU883, HANU874


Colour scheme T-02: 

References: Oracover 21-033, 21-052, 21-010 / Ultracote HANU872, HANU885, HANU870


Colour scheme T-03: 

References: Oracover 21-033, 21-022, 21-040 / Ultracote HANU872, HANU883, HANU880

Colour scheme T-07: 

References: Oracover 21-010, 21-022, 21-043 / Ultracote HANU870, HANU883, HANU903

Colour scheme T-09: 

References: Oracover 21-010, 21-022, 21-052 / Ultracote HANU870, HANU883, HANU885

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