Simple Servo Adjuster

The Pilot-RC Simple Servo Adjuster is intended mainly for use on servos that control gear doors.

It allows you to control the servo speed, reverse, end points and sub-trim.

The main use for the Simple Servo Adjuster is for use on Gear Doors, when your receiver, powerboat or radio does not have enough free channels to independently setup and program the door servos. It can also be used to intentionally use the same channel as the gear switch to keep your setup simple.

All is controlled intuitively via the three rotary knobs and reverse switch.


The reverse switch allows the user to choose between the servo rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise

The rotary knob on the left limits the end points of the servo. Please note that it reduces both end points at the same time (example, both end points are 100%, or both end points are 90%)

The middle rotary knobs controls the center or sub trim of the servo

The rotary knob on the right controls the speed of the servo.