Pilot-RC SLICK 38”

Want an easy to build, fun to fly, practice model that you can fly anywhere, even from within a lockdown?! Pilot-RC has you covered!

Presenting our second 3D foamy, made from crash resistant printed EPP foam which provides great visibility and strength when joined with the included carbon fibre reinforcements.

Inspired by the Pilot-RC Slick 360 that has proven itself over the years by
the people say great airframe the most precise and simply this Slick 38″ EPP have collaboration between Ryu 3D Aerobatics and PilotRC we use shape of fueslage base on Pilot-RC Slick and use Wing design and carbon structure design by Ryu Sintuphrom
we have a great colorful design by Mirco Pecorari.

38” Slick will provide a familiar yet feel for a 10mm EPP foamy. The Slick 38″ made for all level pilot ideal for all styles of flying. With the Pilot-RC Slick style it’s super high capabilities, precision, and it’s unlimited range in slow 3D and fast 3D, the Slick 38″ is an excellent representation of that. Transitions between these styles of flying will come at ease. Included with the proven carbon fiber construction technique developed and tested by Ryu Sintuphrom,

a landing gear assembly serves excellent functionality, basicly hardware, and
easy for install, the Slick 38″ is sure to withstand and easy to repair when you crash
because special EPP foam. and very good to fly in the backyard outdoor


Model:Pilot-RC SLICK
Wingspan:38″ (1000mm)
Length:38″ (1000mm)
Flying weight:9.8oz (550g)


  • Carbon reinforced EPP foam, offering rigidity and crash resistance
  • Designed for a combination of precision aerobatics and extreme 3D flying
  • Can use standard Cyano (Superglue)
  • All accessories included, just add your own electronics
  • Two color schemes to choose from

Included hardware:

  • Complete air frame in pre-printed high visibility color scheme
  • Carbon rods to give the airframe structure and strength
  • Pushrods, control horns, wheels and other small accessories

Also available: PNP Combo. Includes model plus motor, speed controller, prop and servos

Required hardware:

Motor: 2212-2217 -900-1370kv

Prop: 10×4.7-11×4.7

Servos: x4 9-20g servos (recommended 2kg torque)

Battery: 3S 850-1100mAh

Also requires receiver and all the usual building tools and supplies

Colour schemes available:

Colour scheme Slick 02: 

Build information


Measured back from leading edge of the wing at the center of the fuselage.

FULL Build manual: