PY-20AL (20Kg) + 1.2″ Alu arm

The PW-20AL is a great all round servo with 20Kg torque at 0.15s

Pilot-Rc’s range of servos offer a mix between torque, speed and importantly affordability.  They are designed around modellers, which is why they come as standard with extra long leads and with an included Aluminium servo arm in order to hold up to even the toughest of jobs.

 PW-20AL Specifications:

Type Titanium Digital
Voltage 4.8v-6.0v
Torque 16kg (222 oz) at 4.8v
20kg (277 oz) at 6.0v
Speed 0.18s at 4.8v
0.15s at 6.0v
Weight 52g 
Dimensions 40mm x 20mm x 37mm
Spline 25T (futaba)
Gear Titanium and Aluminium
Bearings Yes (x2)


  • x1 Pilot-Rc PW20AL servo, with 50cm servo wire
  • x1 Pilot-Rc 1,6″ Aluminium servo arm


Average angle for pulse 1,000 usec to 2,000 usec: 100º
Limit pulse range: 800 usec – 2,200 usec
Limit angle range: 130º approx
Deadband width: 3 usec
Wire length: 50cm
Wire gauge: 22AWG
Stall current: 5.0A
Idle current: 5mAh