Prop drill guide

With the Pilot-RC Prop drill guide, the problem of drilling straight holes for your prop bolts is a thing of the past.

Currently available in one size which, which contains two sets of bolt holes (one set at 29mm and one set at 30mm) so you can find the suitable size for your engine.

Based on our tests, the drill guide is suitable for the following engines:

DA Engines:

  • DA35 (29mm)
  • DA60 (30mm)

GP Engines:

  • GP38 (29mm)
  • GP76 (30mm)
  • GP61 (30mm)

3W Engines:

  • 3W55 (29mm)

DLE Engines:

  • DLE55 (30mm)
  • DLE55RA (30mm)
  • DLE60 (30mm)
  • DLE61 (30mm)
  • DLE65 (30mm)

Simply screw the prop to the drill guide and drill through the metal hub into the prop. The metal hub will keep the drill bit straghter allowing a more precise hole for each of your prop bolts.

For the best results, the drill guide should still be used in conjunction with a drill press.