Viperjet Fuselage bags

The perfect way to protect your model while at home or in the car.  Keep all your models components together in the same place with Pilot-Rc Fuselage bags for jets.

For our Viperjets, currently two sizes are available:

-Fuselage bag for Viperjet 2m
-Fuselage bag for Viperjet 3m

Fuselage bag for Viperjet 2m :

Fuselage bag for Viperjet 3m :

The fuselage bag for Viperjet 3m comes in two halfs, that can be used either separately as completely independant bags for each half of the split fuselage, or that can be zipped together to be used as one single wingbag for when the model is joined together.

*Pictures show wingbags, which are also available separately. Please see Viperjet Wingbags