Electric Landing Gear Controller & MANUAL


1- Introduction:

Electric Retract Landing Gear Controller

Thank you for choosing the Pilot-Rc Electric Landing Gear Controller.  Designed to operate as easily as possible the electric retract systems in your model aircraft.  This particular unit is able to control the retracts and up to three gear doors.


  • Operating voltage: 7.4v – 8.4v (Direct from 2s Lipo battery)
  • Dimensions: 63 x 42 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 35g


  • Controls gear and up to three gear doors
  • Each of the three gear doors can be individually set to remain open or close again once retract deployed
  • Each of the three gear doors can be individually programmed with servo reverse and end points
  • The gear door outputs can be set for HV servos (7.4-8.4v) or regulated down to 6v for non HV servos
  • Automatic detection of peak stall current for compatibility among many different retract units
  • Automatic delay options for gear doors

Included hardware:

  • One Electric Landing Gear Controller
  • Patch leads


  • Do not exceed the maximum voltage of 8.4v or equivalent 2s Lipo


2- Installation and setup


  1. Setup a channel on your radio that will control the retracts
    Set the channels end point travel to -100%  and +100% in the radio
  2. Locate on the Electric Landing Gear Controller the Radio input marked as “Signal input”, and connect to the corresponding receiver channel set up in step 1 using the patch lead provided. 
  3. Connect the Retract leads to the Electric Landing Gear Controllers corresponding outputs. 
  4. If using gear doors, asure that the “Servo power supply” switch is set to the correct voltage for your door servos and connect these to the Servo 1, 2 and 3 outputs on the controller


  1. Each of the three gear doors can be setup completely individually to remain open with gear down, or to close back up again, as well as setting the end points and servo reverse. To enter the programming mode for any of the three doors, with the system turned on, press and hold that doors MODE button for 3 seconds.
  2. The first menu is the servo reverse. This is confirmed by either the A or B led flashing, (which led will depend on if the servo has been reversed or not).
    Press either the + or – button to reverse the servo. In doing so, the flashing led will swap from A to B, or from B to A, as well as the servo itself changing position from one end point to the other
  3. The next menu is so set the first of the two End Points. Briefly press the MODE button again, and now the A+B led’s will be flashing alternately.
    Change the current end point using the + and – buttons.
  4. Briefly press the MODE button again to continue setting up the other end point. Now the C+D led’s will be flashing alternatively.
  5. Briefly press the MODE button again, and we can set the door mode (remain open, or close again once the retract is fully deployed).
    If the C led is flashing, the door will remain open while the retract is extended (v.1)
    If the D led is flashing, the door will close again once the retract is extended (v.2)
    You can change between these two options using the + and – buttons.
  6. Your settings are saved automatically after you stop pressing buttons for a few seconds
  7. Repeat the above process for as many gear door servos as needed.