Generic Wingbags

The perfect way to protect your model while at home or in the car.  Keep all your models components together in the same place with Pilot-Rc wingbags.

Our generic wingbags are designed to fit our Pilot-RC acrobatic models, however will fit mostly any model. Please see measurements in the table below:

SizeColours availableABCDEFGH
SkywolfRed & Black113/44.538/15.038/15.0113/44.5
35cc Red & Black 96/37.729/11.454/21.298/38.6
60cc Red & Black / Blue & Orange42/16.5100/39.428/11.0102/40.2120/47.237/14.660/23.6120/47.2
100cc Red & Black / Blue & Orange 48/18.9109/42.931/12.2110/43.3125/49.238/15.067/26.4126/49.6
150cc Red & Black / Blue & Orange 56/22.0132/52.041/16.1133/52.4143/56.344/17.382/32.3144/56.7

*All sizes shown are cm/inch. Measurements A-D are elevator pouch, E-H are main wing compartment. Actual sizes may have minor variations due to fabric construction.

Bags include separate compartments for each wing, for wingtube, and for elevators.