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73 in(1.85M)
Wing Area:
1074sq in( 6927sq cm)
Fuselage length:
66.2 in(1.7M)
11.2 lbs (5.1kg)

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• Strong Light Weight Construction 
• Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
• Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany 
• Cowl with cowl ring. No exterior screws exposed 
• Complete hardware included 
• Removable wings and stabs
• All control horns included 
• Laser cut engine mounting templates 
• Canister room ready for different size canister.
High Pre-installation :
• Pre hinged wings and stabs 
• Pre hinged Rudder 
• Pre installed fuel tank 
• Pre installed firewall, ready for DLE-30 engine.
• Pre mounted and painted Canopy 
• Pre installpull pull wire with ball links on rudder 
• Pre install push rods with Ball links 
Carbon Fiber accessories version:
• Carbon Fiber wing tube include 
• Carbon Fiber tail wing tube include 
• Carbon Fiber landing gear include 
• Carbon Fiber tail wheel include 
• Carbon Fiber spinner include 
Note: We are always refining our products, the pictures on our website may be a little different from the plane that you buy from one of our dealers. Please confirm with your local dealer the color scheme and features of the package prior to your purchase. Thank You!.
Schemes list:
M55-01, M55-03 scheme provided by Chief Aircraft, exclusivly authorized courtasy of Pat Hartness, Triple Tree Aerodrome Greeville, SC. The customer in USA can buy from Chiefaircraft: www.chiefaircraft.com
Schemes No. Schemes names Up view Back view Side view spinner/landing gear color
M55-01  red/yellow/silver

spinner: red

landing gear: red

M55-06 red/white/black

spinner: red

landing gear: 


M55-07 green/white/black      

spinner: green

landing gear: green 

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