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Pilot-RC first balsa jet trainer/sport coming soon! 



First Pilot-RC servo release!

Free shipping for 5+pcs order. email to Tony(pilot-rc@139.com) or pay to paypal account: pilot-rc@139.com for order. 

PilotRC servo was built by a famous servo manufacture in Taiwan. From years of research and designing airframes Pilot-RC knows what servos are the best possible solution to get the best performance from your airplane. Pilot RC used this knowledge when designing the new line of servos. From the extra long servo connect wire and included long aluminum servo arm the Pilot RC Servo was built specifically for airplanes! The new servo is super high 12 bit (4096) resolution and has long wear titanium gears and a super light-weight. The Coreless motor provides high speed, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption and the titanium gears ensure the servo has a long life and remains dependable and durable. Finally the the aluminum case of teh servo allows for cooler operating temps. which in turn make for a smoother servo!

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Nice flight from JP. Castillo: Pilot-RC sponsor pilot and distributor in Centro American



Pilot-RC 20-35cc 88" Sport low wing trainer release:

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Pilot-RC 30-60cc 88" Sky-wolf  release!  special design for 3D training and relaxed funfly.this plane was designed by Jan Spatny from  Czech republic. here is a video of Jan Spatny, he got 4th place on German indoor championship:


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Pilot-RC 100cc 150" Skyline 182 release!





Pilot RC  customer service: send you free wood part to repair your plane.

Damaged your Pilot-RC plane ? do worry about it. send the damaged plane photos to Tony, I will send you the precut wood then you can repair it. the precut wood is FREE. you only need to pay the shipping cost. if you want the precut Ultracote(oracover) covering, we will sell you at my cost. very low price. Email Tony if you need help.
see below from a chinese customer:



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